Stress-free retirement.

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In Switzerland, the statutory retirement age is 64 for women and 65 for men, at least until 1 January 2024, when the AHV 21 reform takes effect. This will bring the statutory retirement age to 65 for both men and women. When you retire at the statutory retirement age, Integral will pay your retirement savings as a converted pension, as a lump sum or as a combination of both (partial lump sum and pension). As the recipient of an Integral pension, you decide before you retire what proportion of your pension savings you want to take as a lump sum and as a pension.

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Encouragement of home ownership

The Occupational Pensions Act allows pension assets to be used for the purchase of residential property or allows the purchase to be funded by pledging the early withdrawal of pension scheme assets. This is known as the encouragement of home ownership and the process is referred to as the early withdrawal of pension scheme assets for the purchase of residential property.

This early withdrawal can be made for the purchase and the construction of residential property, for the extension or conversion of residential property which represents an investment, for the repayment of a mortgage and for the purchase of shares in cooperative residential associations. The law does not permit an early withdrawal to finance a second or holiday home or to pay mortgage interest.

An early withdrawal often results in a reduction not only in retirement benefits, but also in risk benefits. You can take out a voluntary additional insurance policy with an insurance company to cover the reduction in the risk benefits.

Before submitting a written application for an early withdrawal, it is sensible to ask Integral first whether this is possible. This initial check will resolve questions such as: Is there enough money available? Is an early withdrawal permitted by law? What are the tax consequences?


Changes in your personal life

The simplest way of notifying Integral when you get married or enter into a registered partnership is to do this via your employer. Your employer will inform us about the change.

The best way of notifying Integral about a life partnership (cohabitation) is by using the app.



Before initiating divorce proceedings, it is sensible to find out yourself or with the help of your divorce lawyer what the consequences of a divorce will be for your pension savings capital. On request, Integral will provide you with the feasibility check declaration for the court.

When a legally valid divorce decree is submitted to Integral, the pension savings capital of both spouses is generally divided in half. The calculation of half of the pension savings capital is based on the difference between the assets at the time of the divorce and those at the time of the marriage.

The shortfall in the pension savings capital resulting from the divorce, which is known as the divorce withdrawal, can be made up at any time by means of voluntary contributions.